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AirHDTV™ Provides up to 200 FREE TV channels on any device!

The New AirHDTV™ Streaming Set Top Box Line provides you with the highest quality of FREE OTA television in the Industry today.
Experience 4K Broadcast Quality TV on Virtually any Streaming Device in Your Home including your Smart TV, Tablet or Mobile Device.
Depending upon where you are, with AirHDTV™, you can have access to nearly 200 “Over The Air” High-Definition television stations for FREE!

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How It Works

Connect AirHDTV™ via WiFi to any device
(TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Device)

AirHDTV™ will scan for available channels in your area.

Watch your TV

A built-in ATSC M/H receiver lets you receive the new ATSC digital TV for the best video and audio quality of any type of TV broadcast available today.
Tune in to live local news, traffic information, weather, sporting events, and entertainment programs from the comfort of your netbook or notebook. AirHDTV™ includes a built-in high-definition TV receiver for watching live, over-the-air, ATSC HD broadcasts for free.
AirHDTV™ is sleek enough to be used at home or office, yet rugged enough to be used on the road, making it the ideal antenna for couch potatoes, road warriors, and everyone in between. Easy to install: Connect via WiFi to your netbook, notebook or mobile device and scan for the available ATSC M/H
broadcasts in your area!

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